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We Help Fix Your Recurring Problems at the Source, Your Gut

Kita sering mempunyai problem berat badan, kulit, dan daya tahan tubuh yang berulang yang mengganggu aktifitas kita sehari-hari dan membuat kita miss important moments di hidup kita.

Banyak dari problem-problem ini yang bersumber dari problem di perut tapi tidak kita sadari. Kita di Heavenly Blush berusaha membantu mereka yang mempunyai problem berulang ini untuk memperbaiki langsung di sumbernya, yaitu perut mereka, sehingga tidak terulang kembali dan bisa memfokuskan waktunya ke hal-hal yang lebih penting.

Bila kita semua menjaga kesehatan perut kita, problem berat badan, kulit, mood, dan daya tahan tubuh tidak menjadi problem lagi, dan kita bisa menikmati secara maksimal semua momen penting dalam hidup kita.

Our Why

To raise awareness and unlock gut care possibilities so people can fully enjoy their important moments and inspire others

Our How

We Hold Fast to our Moral North
We do what we feel is right morally, above and beyond the law in a lot of cases, not because we have to, but because it is the right thing to do

We Think One Step Ahead
We push the boundaries of what is possible, explore creative alternatives, invent, and innovate

We Dare to Try
We believe the only way to truly know what’s possible is to experiment, try things out gradually and learn from them, despite our fear of failure, of the unknown and of how difficult it may be

We Elevate Sophistication
We elevate the sophistication of our consumers at all of our touchpoints with them, including but not limited to our product content, product and packaging design, communication contents, the way we conduct our business, and our values

We Uplift Wellbeing
Everything we do must also further the wellbeing of our consumers, associates, society, and the planet in a real and concrete way, even if it’s small in impact

Our What

We are in the business of gut care nutrition for our consumers, which includes but are not limited to gut care yogurt products. 

Our Gut Care Nutrition products are under our Heavenly Gut Care System (3R), which provides nutrition to REDUCE Junk from entering the gut, REBALANCEthe nutrients in the gut, and to REMOVE garbage from the gut. Each one of our product performs one or more of these functions for your gut.